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CBD Isolate One Gram Batch: 110223

CBD Isolate One Gram Batch: 110223

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Expertly crafted, this one gram batch of CBD Isolate is a pure form of CBD without any other cannabinoids or additives. With a potency of 99%, it offers a highly concentrated dose of the potential benefits of CBD, such as natural pain relief and relaxation.

Batch: 110223

Expiration: 01/09/2025

Cannabinoids Per Package: 995.00mg CBD, 2.81mg CBD-V 

Cannabinoids Per Serving: 995.00mg CBD, 2.81mg CBD-V 

Serving Size: 1 Gram

Servings Per Package: 1 Gram 

Net Wt: 1 Gram (0.035oz) 

Ingredients: Hemp Concentrate

Manufacturer: The Hemp Dispensary

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