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CBD Isolate Tincture Batch: 041024-01

CBD Isolate Tincture Batch: 041024-01

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This CBD Isolate Tincture is made using the finest CBD isolate for maximum purity and potency. Each batch is carefully crafted and tested to ensure quality and consistency. With this tincture, experience the potential benefits of CBD in one of the most concentrated form.

Batch: 041024-01

Expiration: 04/10/2025

Cannabinoids Per Package: 2,851.04mg CBD, 17.36mg CBDv, 0.77mg ∆9 THC & 0.56mg CBG

Cannabinoids Per Serving: 86.50mg CBD, 0.52mg CBDv, 0.023mg ∆9 THC & 0.017mg CBG.

Serving Size: 1ml

Servings Per Package: 30

Net Wt: 1oz (30ml)

Ingredients: Organic Coconut Oil & Hemp Isolate

Manufacturer: The Hemp Dispensary

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