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Multi Blend Flower Gassy Gushers Batch: 55247

Multi Blend Flower Gassy Gushers Batch: 55247

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Discover the perfect balance between taste and potency with our Multi Blend Flower Gassy Gushers. Crafted with precision and expertise, offers a unique blend of flavors and a smooth, lasting effect. Elevate your experience with every flower gush.

Batch: 55247

Expiration: 05/01/2025

Cannabinoids Per Serving:  307.72mg 8 THC, 185.30mg CBD, 80.31mg CBGA, 36.58mg CBDA, 7.19mg CBG & 2.78mg CBN  

Terpenes Per Serving: 16mg Limonene, 5.74mg Myrcene, 3.37mg B-Pinene, 3.32mg A-Pinene, 3.07mg Camphene, 2.10mg B-Caryophyllene, 1.79mg B-Ocimene, 1.75mg A-Ocimene, 1.62mg 3-Carene & 1.62mg Linalool   

Ingredients: Hemp Flower

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