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Power Punch Knock Out Blend Tincture 3,000mg

Power Punch Knock Out Blend Tincture 3,000mg

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Batch: 042224-01

Cannabinoids Per Package: 981.61mg CBD, 960.21mg CBG, 957.15mg CBN, 6.26mg CBDv, 4.34mg CBG-A, 2.17mg CBC & 1.07mg ∆8 THC.

Cannabinoids Per Serving: 32.10mg CBD, 31.40mg CBG, 31.30mg CBN, 0.20mg CBDv 0.142mg CBG-A, 0.0711mg CBC & 0.0351mg ∆8 THC.

Serving Size: 1ml

Servings Per Package: 30

Net Wt: 30.58g (1.07oz)

Ingredients: Organic Coconut Oil & Hemp Isolate


Introducing Power Punch Knock Out Blend Tincture 3,000mg, designed by industry experts for maximum potency and effectiveness. With 3,000mg per serving, our tincture delivers a powerful punch to enhance your overall health and wellness. Experience the benefits of this potent blend and knock out your health concerns today.

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