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THC Chocolate Bars

THC Chocolate Bars

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879.94mg Total Cannabinoids
Cannabinoids Per Package: 652.20mg ∆8 THC & 227.74mg ∆9 THC
Cannabinoids Per Serving:43.48mg ∆8 THC & 15.18mg ∆9 THC
Serving Size:1 Piece
Servings Per Package:15

802.72mg Total Cannabinoids
Batch: 010424
Expiration: 01/04/2025
Cannabinoids Per Package: 523.74mg ∆8 THC, 251.72mg ∆9 THC, 13.92mg CBD, 7.54mg CBN, 4.06mg CBC & 1.74mg CBDv
Cannabinoids Per Serving: 34.91mg ∆8 THC, 16.78mg ∆9 THC, 0.92mg CBD, 0.50mg CBN, 0.27mg CBC & 0.11mg CBDv
Serving Size: 1 Piece
Servings Per Package: 15
Ingredients: Varies between chocolate bar, it has it on the back of the box.

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