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THCA Flower Chocolate Hashberry Batch: 185

THCA Flower Chocolate Hashberry Batch: 185

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Indulge in the perfect balance of rich flavors and potent effects with our THCA Flower Chocolate Hashberry. Crafted from premium Chocolate Hashberry flower, this strain offers a deliciously smooth smoke. Elevate your cannabis experience with this exceptional product.

Cannabinoids Per Package: 180.00mg THC-A, 9.58mg CBG-A & 1.95mg ∆9 THC 1g | 630.00mg THC-A, 33.53mg CBG-A & 6.79mg ∆9 THC 3.5g | 5,040.00mg THC-A, 268.24mg CBG-A & 54.32mg ∆9 THC. 28g

Terpenes Per Serving: 7.06mg Trans-Caryophyllene, 3.19mg limonene, 1.53mg A-Humulene, 1.26mg B-Pinene, 1.04mg Valencene, 1.02mg Linalool, 0.91mg Farnesene, 0.43mg Fenchyl Alcohol, 0.42mg B-Myrcene, 0.33mg A-Pinene & 0.31mg Terpineol. 

Serving Size: 1 Gram

Servings Per Package: 1 | 3.5 | 28  

Net Wt: 1 Gram (0.035oz) | 3.5 Grams (0.125oz) | 28 Grams (1oz) 

Ingredients: Hemp Flower

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