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THCA Flower Gelato Mintz Batch: 121624

THCA Flower Gelato Mintz Batch: 121624

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Batch: 121624

Expiration: 12/16/2024

Cannabinoids Per Package: 1,132.25mg THC-A, 24.15mg CBG-A, 11.90mg ∆9 THC & 2.45mg CBD-A.

Cannabinoids Per Serving: 323.50mg THC-A, 6.90mg CBG-A, 3.40mg ∆9 THC & 0.70mg CBD-A.

Terpenes Per Serving:  8.00mg B-Limonene, 6.00mg B-Caryophyllene, 5.10mg Trans-Nerolidol, 3.30mg Linalool, 2.50mg Cis-B-Farnesene, 2.40mg Geranyl Acetate, 2.20mg B-Farnesene, 1.80mg A-Humulene, 1.50mg B-Myrcene, 1.30mg B-Pinene, 1.20mg A-Farnesene, 0.80mg Valencene, 0.80mg Endo-Fenchyl-Alcohol, 0.70mg A-Pinene & 0.70mg A-Terpineol.

Serving Size: 1 Gram

Servings Per Package: 3.5

Net Wt: 3.5g (0.125oz) 

Ingredients: Hemp Flower 

Manufacturer: The Hemp Dispensary

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